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Priorities by Ernest Kucriek

I went and bought new pistons
the engine I had bored
I spent so much more money
Than I could ever afford.

I bought a cam for Christmas
and lifters all brand new
No money left for children
I asked them to make do.

A stall converter for Valentines Day
a shift kit and shifter too
My wife's a bit unsettled
but, hey my car's my Valentine too.

I bought the best suspension
the prices overboard
But it was easily paid for
with house payments ignored.

Then I got new wheels
of course new tires too
And a note in the mail
life insurance overdue.

Of course there was the blueprint
and balanced through and through
Just to be on the safe side
each nut and bolt brand new.

And now I get her painted
with pearl and pale blue
Oh, did I forget to mention
My wife has left me too.

Then everything replated
I did the headers too
Time to get a second job
child support is due.

I guess it all seems silly now
I did go overboard
Trying to make my chevy
look and run as good as a ford.