6 Cylinder to V-8 Steering Conversion

1960-1965 Ford Falcon & Mercury Comet Manual Steering Conversion 6 Cylinder to V-8

There are several different points of view on converting the Falcon/Comet manual steering from the 6 cylinder set up to the V-8. We are presenting our point of view to educate the customer so they can make the decision that is correct for them. The main reason to convert the steering and front end components is to upgrade to V-8 brakes, whether disc or drums. We have found that the majority of our customers want to use the 1974-1979 Granada disc brakes. We are not prepared to go into all of the options and pros and cons of different braking systems at this time, only to get the necessary steering components in place so that you will be able to attach the spindles and brakes of your choice.


The early Falcons have their own set of circumstances that must first be dealt with. The ball joint studs on these early cars are too small to accept the later spindles. We recommend changing both the upper and lower control arms to the 1963-1965 Falcon/Comet control arms. The 1963-1965 Falcons/Comets do not have this problem and the ball joints should only be replaced if they are worn out.


We are aware that Ford did some strange things in the production of these cars and subsequent owners have done some even stranger things. We are going to make an assumption that may or may not be true in all situations. We assume that if you have a 6 cylinder Falcon/Comet produced between 1960-1965, it has a 1″ sector shaft in the steering gear box. You can verify this fact very easily. If a 1-1/8″ socket will fit on the nut that retains the pitman arm to the sector shaft, then you have a 1″ sector shaft. If it takes a larger socket, then you have a 1-1/8″ sector shaft and someone has probably changed the steering box.

The main ingredient to the steering conversion is the center link. The only product that will fit correctly must come from a 1963-1964 or 1965 V-8 Ford Falcon/Comet. The 1963-1964 and the 1965 center link are completely different and cannot be interchanged. We recommend the 1965 V-8 center link for several reasons. The first reason is that the 1965 center link is reproduced and readily available. The second reason is cost, not the cost of a used 1963-1964 manual steering center link versus a the cost of a new 1965 manual steering center link, but rather the cost of the attaching parts. If replacement parts are ever needed, it is much less expensive to use the 1965 parts.

Part Description 1963-1964 Part Number 1963-1964 Price 1965 Part Number 1965 Price
Center Link Part is Not Available Part is Not Available C5DZ-3304-A $150.00
Inner Tie Rod C3DZ-3A130-H $76.95 Each Times 2 C5ZZ-3A131-D $28.00 Each Times 2
Outer Tie Rod C3DZ-3A130-G $76.95 Each Times 2 C5ZZ-3A130-D $28.00 Each Times 2
Idler Arm C3DZ-3352-KR $172.95 C5ZZ-3352-A $47.75
Idler Arm Bracket Included in Above Item Included in Above Price C3DZ-3351-A $33.95
Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve C2AA-3310-B $9.50 Each Times 2 C2AA-3310-B $9.50 Each Times 2
Pitman Arm Part is Not Available Part is Not Available C5ZZ-3590-A $64.95
Total Price to Convert $499.75 ++++ $442.70 Complete
Note1: You would only use these tie rod ends if you would be using 1965 Falcon/Comet V-8 Spindles. If you are using the Granada or some other disc brake set up, you will have to purchase the correct tie rod ends for those spindles.

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