Ford Falcon Aluminum Radiator Install


 The Mounting of a Northern Aluminum Radiator in a Ford Falcon.

1.) This Radiator is NOT represented as a direct bolt in for the stock radiator.
2.) This Radiator is an aftermarket product that may require minor modification for a proper fit.
3.) We believe the benefit of additional cooling capability more than offset any modifications required for fit.
4.) This Radiator Core is the same thickness as a stock 3 row which is 2 1/2 inches.
5.) With the Radiator properly mounted, there is a 3 1/2 inch space from the rear face of the radiator to the pulley mounting flange on the water pump. So, for the engine to be in it’s proper location, there must be a space of approximately 6 inches from the core support to the water pump pulley mounting flange.
1961 Ford Falcon Parts

The accompanying pictures and comments are meant to demonstrate how we approach modernizing the Falcon engine along with an effective cooling system. We do not address the installation of 5.0 engines with serpentine belt systems, original fuel injection systems or computer systems since the modifications and parts required are beyond the scope and pocketbook of most do-it-yourselfers. Not to mention the amount of time to answer all of the different questions that would arise. It much easier and cost effective to use the different components ( P/S Systems, A/C Systems with upgraded compressor) found on the original Falcons.

If you are installing a 5.0 engine with serpentine belt system, fuel injection or any other late model 5.0 components we can not be of much assistance as we have not yet installed those components in our Falcons.
Yes, the top tank is very close to the core support and may even be touching.

A small dimple may be desired for the purist, however it should not be required.

We notice that a 1 1/2 inch spacer is required to get the fan in it’s proper location. Also note that this vehicle utilizes the correct (1965 C-4 ) transmission cooling lines with rubber hose connections to the transmission cooler.

The engine in this particular Falcon is late model 5.0 that utilizes a 50 Oz. counterbalance.

We have changed the original external balanced rotating parts (engine damper and flex plate) to the aftermarket 50 Oz. items to allow the use of the original type V- belts. This also means that we have more than enough room for a fan shroud and a 5 blade fan.

We will also be installing an air conditioning compressor and a power steering pump on this same engine configuration and should not encounter any interference problems.

 Overheating will never be a problem with this set up, it looks reasonably stock and is a clean installation.

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