Ford Falcon Electric Wiper Conversions

Falcon Electric Wiper Conversion

One of the biggest headaches with the 1960-1962 Ford Falcon and Mercury Comets is the Vaccum Operated windshield wipers. Well, read on as there is a simple solution.
An electric wiper conversion is available from all models ( except vans ) of the 1963-1965 Ford Falcon and Mercury Comet. You will need everything including the motor brackets, underdash wiring and switch. This conversion will be available used only. Try to purchase the whole conversion from the same vehicle, that way you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues between the single speed and dual speed assemblies.

FYI the motor, wiring and switch are different between the single speed systems and the dual speed systems.  The wiper arms, blades and blade holders are all the same.

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